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Light a fire!

Last year I talked all about camping and shared my favorite fire starter ever – laundry lint! Camping season is upon us and I have improved my little lint system. The biggest complaint I had about lint is that its messy. I usually keep it in a baggie. But then I saw on Pinterest how someone put lint in a toilet paper tube. I loved the idea so that you had paper too but the problem was it still was messy. So I decided to wrap it in the weekly ads that come in my mail when I’m done with them.


Just stuff the lint in the roll, and then roll it up in newspaper, and tuck the ends in. It makes a really tight roll that doesn’t let any of the messy lint out! If you want more paper to light fires just wrap more layers around the toilet paper roll.


Someone wrote us a note that said that laundry lint is not recommended for starting fires anymore. I did a little research and actually found that is not entirely accurate. It seems the fabrics that would be toxic tend to be synthetic and synthetic fabrics don’t tend to shed. Regardless, we are pretty much a cotton family around here so I am not too worried. If you wear a lot of synthetic fabrics this is the recommendation he gave:

Scouts now recommended to use saw dust from natural wood and mix it with wax and put in into a cardboard egg container. Break off a section and you have more natural fire starter without all of those toxins.

I think that is great but the only problem is those are not easily accessible materials for me. One of the things I like about the lint, toilet paper rolls, and newspaper is that I am recycling things I usually just throw away into something I actually use. Laundry lint is so flammable and works great for fire starting. With the newspaper and added paper from the toilet paper roll it gives you just the right amount of paper.

Happy camping!

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  • Amanda

    Love this! We too have a a large Ziploc bag full of lint on top of the dryer. I like this tidy way of storing it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kandi

    We love this method and used it for our backyard fires (in a pit) last summer. I love the idea of rolling it in paper too. Until I read this I had been folding in the ends so the lint wouldn’t escape. Thanks!

  • michelleg

    We all have paper shredders now for privacy so couldn’t you just stuff the tube with that instead of lint? Just an idea.

    • Lisa

      You could, but laundry lint is just so much more flammable.

      • How about a combination lint/paper tube? I may have to try that. Thanks for the ideas. 😀

  • Chris

    I like this idea. I have been making mine from: dryer lint stuffed in cardboard egg cartons with wax poured over the lint. One little egg section will start a campfire! My boyfriend thought I was crazy, until he saw them work.

  • Ncole2132

    I’m thinking coin wrappers would work well, too

  • Renee Valdes

    What an easy way to spark up the fire pit. I will be repinning to your blog on Pinterest/homedepot on the pinboard “Garden Party.”

  • Vickie

    Can this be used in a fireplace?

  • tonja5969

    There is an easier way and that would be to fold the tp rolls in on both sides to make a package.

  • Matthew Crew

    If you want you don’t need to have Sawdust to make a Egg Carton fire starter. You can go to the local pet store and buy Natural Softwood bedding from there and use that in the Egg Cartons. it’s still cheep and easy to make and gives you enough wood material to make a lot of then. A friend of mine makes a lot of them and sells them at the local Flea market to help him gather money for his camping and an expensies

    • Matthew Crew

      Also I suggest Parafen wax for make the Egg Carton fire starters as it tends not to stink when burnt or maybe even Bees Wax which has a lot of uses

  • Penny Olson

    A couple small or one bigger pine cones in TP tubes with the lint might be helpful too.

  • Sharon

    I have tried this and it hasn’t worked.