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Ninjago Birthday Party with Free Printables

Ninjago Birthday Pack

My baby tuned 5! F.I.V.E! How is that possible?

beckhams party14

He wanted a Ninjago birthday party and so I got creating. All of the files can be downloaded at the bottom of this post. First, the invitation:

Ninjago Birthday Invite

The fonts I used were Chinese Takeaway and Shrimp Fried Rice. I am offering the jpeg with the blue bottom blank so you can add your own text. 

Ninjago birthday party invite

For his preschool class treats I made these little tags and attached a fortune cookie to them. It was super cheap and the kids really liked them.

Ninjago birthday treat

I also turned that tag into the take home treats for his party. I just cut the top off so they would fit on the the cute take out boxes I found at Walmart. I filled them with bouncy balls, ring pops, and of course fortune cookies.

beckhams party12

Big brothers got to work putting all their Ninjago sets together and set them up as decorations.

beckhams party2

beckhams party5

I also made a bunting:

beckhams party13

And threw together some super simple Chinese Lanterns.

beckhams party4

beckhams party3

When each kiddo arrived we gave them a black belt. This was a super cheap and easy thing to do. It only took about a yard of fabric to make 15 of them and it cost about $2.50

beckhams party16

We also had Sensei Wu beards on hand!

beckhams party22

For the games we played Sensei Says  (just like Simon says)

beckhams party17

We also played Pin the Beard on Sensei Wu

beckhams party18

I found the game here.

Lastly we played Stealth Samurais, which is a matching game.

beckhams party1stealth samurai


I printed off 2 sets of the cards I created, backed them, and  laminated them. The boys have played with them a ton since the party.

For the food I created cupcake toppers.

beckhams party9

beckhams party8

I finally figured out how to make the great swirls on the top of the cupcakes. They are actually super easy you just need an extra large decorating tip . If the tip doesn’t fit your normal bag, don’t worry I have it on good authority that if you tape it to the end with masking tape that works too Smile

I also made juice box wrappers and water bottle wrappers.

beckhams party6

Ninjago waterbottle

We had a great time but most importantly this guy had a blast!

beckhams party19

beckhams party20

You can download all the files here in 1 zipped file. It includes: the invitation, cupcake toppers, drink wrappers, party favors, memory game, and bunting.

Also check out our printable Ninjago Valentines for your little Ninja!


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  • Looks like such a fun party and I love the free printables! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lisa

    I wish I would have had this a couple years ago when my son was obsessed with Ninjago. Good to know it’s out there now for my other kids!!!! Thank you.

  • Ana B.

    This has to be the best and most helpful ninjago party idea link. Ive seen a bunch, so far this is my favorite

  • Momkey

    My son is super excited about his party. He cant wait!

  • Sandra Piazza

    SOOOO good! Thank you for this! As Ana B said earlier, there are lots of Ninjago party links, but this one is by FAR the most helpful. 🙂

  • Donna

    Thank you for the files!!

  • Hannah Grinage

    Thank you so much for the files! I just made my son’s invitations and he LOVES them! I really apprecaite it!

  • TC1972

    Just wanted to say thanks, feeling like we can do this now!

  • kim

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Betsy

    I am trying to print out the party favor labels, but they are not on the printables download? I see everything else, but that… we are having a Ninjago bday party on Friday!

    • Hey Betsy – I just texted Lisa about this. What’s your email and I’ll have her shoot the label over to you! Sorry about that and thanks for the info! Have a great night!

  • Holly

    Thank you for all the great ideas. You are so talented!

  • Michelle

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us! These are so adorable and will be perfect for my son’s birthday party!!!

  • Michelle

    Hi! Where in WalMart did you find the cute takeout boxes? I was there today and looked in the party section as well as the Stationary section and did not find them. Help please! thanks again for sharing your ideas!

    • Lisa

      Oh shoot! Ours is a small Walmart so they usually have less than the bigger Walmarts. But I found them in the party supply section on the bottom rack. I believe it might have been close to the plates and toys. Good luck!

  • Ghaleeiah

    Thank you for sharing and making my 5 year old Ninjago themed party a little easier to plan :))))

  • Jessica

    How did you play the matching game with so many kids? Did one kid take a turn matching and the next? Just wondering how you did it with so many kids so that the ones waiting didn’t get bored? Did you make teams? Thanks. 🙂

    • Lisa

      I just had them take turns. It was pretty chaotic 🙂 A few of them lost interest and walked away and played with Lego’s and the rest finished it out.

  • Andee

    Lisa, thank you for making your party free and downloadable!! My “little” one’s 7th birthday is this weekend and I am running behind :/ This will make it so much easier! Looks like you guys had a great party- I can’t wait to copy it! 😉

  • M’Lynn

    Thank you for the free stuff! I especially LOVE the invitations!

  • Kate Henderson

    Thank you so much for these!

  • Alison Granato

    Thank you for your abundance!! Looking forward to our son’s Ninjago birthday party! 🙂

  • Shanna

    Silly question…I downloaded the invitation, but can’t figure out how to personalize (add information) to it. Help!

    • Lisa

      You have to use some sort of photo editing software. If you don’t know how to do that, you can always hand write your information.

    • Lisa

      You either have to use photo editing software. If you don’t know how to use that you can always hand write it on the invitation.

  • angela

    thanks for the printables!!! 🙂

  • Tiffany

    THANK YOU!! Very kind of you to share! You saved me a ton of time!

  • Steph

    Thank you for sharing all your hard work! My son is going to love all of this!

  • Rosa

    i downloaded it but idk how to open it? with what program do you open a zip file?

  • Elizabeth Coker Brandt

    This is AWESOME! My almost-8 year old wants a Ninjago-themed party, and this post is enormously helpful for me. Thank you, thank you!

  • Elizabeth Coker Brandt

    This is AWESOME! My almost-8 year old wants a Ninjago-themed party, and this post is enormously helpful for me. Thank you, thank you!

  • Maria

    Thanks for all these great ninja files!

  • Maria

    Thanks for all these great ninja files!

  • Carrie

    Can you send me these printables please?

    • Carrie – you are able to download them within this post! Just click on the download link!

  • April

    I had no trouble downloading but can’t seem to open to personalize the invitation. Help:)

    • Hey April! You will just need to take the file into an editing program, like photoshop and you place the text on top of the flattened invitation. Does that make sense? I do believe there are free sites online that can do this as well. Good luck!

  • Kendra Riffe

    Thank God for you! My son (soon to be 4) announced over the weekend that he no longer wants a Storm Trooper birthday party, but now wants a Ninjago party. I love ALL of your ideas! You have made this working mamma’s life SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier. Thank you!

  • nadya

    So kind of you! Thank you so much for the printables! You can’t imagine how much time you save to me! Big big thank you!