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Pirate Pre-K Pack


Included in this Pre-K Pack is:

 Prewriting Practice Sheets – Cutting Practice – Which one is different?

Finish the Pattern Sheet – Size Sequencing Sheet – Pirate Strip Puzzle

4-piece Puzzles – Sorting Practice – Counting Practice Cards

Color the Pirate Ship-  Letter and Sound Finding Cards

2-Part Vocabulary Cards – Shadow Matching

Letter Pp Identification – Pirate Matching

Pirate Magnet Sheet – Letter Pp Sorting Page


Thanks to www.mygrafico.com and:

The Digital Bake Shop for the Pirate Girls and Pirate Boys Clipart

ReviDevi for the Pirate Power Clipart



If you are new to Pre-K Packs, click HERE to learn how to use,
prepare and store them!


To check out some other fun PIRATE ideas, check out my PIRATE pinterest page!

Pam Dana

I am a wife and mom that is over the moon for family, traditions and fun! I love to share lots of printables, DIY's, kids activities and my families favorite recipes! I am married to my husband, Scott, and we have 3 beautiful children and together they are my world!
  • Sarah

    We love getting our new pre-k packs each month. Thanks for making them so adorable and fun!

  • Love this…Thanks!

  • Justina

    Your Pre-K packs are adorable and very fun. It seems like a lot of work on your part for our benefit and we surely do appreciate it!!!!! 🙂

  • Thank you.

  • Julie

    Fantastic!!! Thank you so much for sharing! My kids are going to LOVE it!

  • Mia

    Thanks a lot for sharing ! My son will adore this !

  • Love it! Thanks for shairng!

  • Thank you for sharing. This will be fun for my 2 & 4 year olds for this week.

  • Beth

    LOVE your pirate pack – too cute!! Thanks for sharing all your hard work with all the rest of us!!! You have such beautiful packs!! I shared this with my Facebook readers here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Living-Life-Intentionally/261252997248957- Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you again tomorrow,

    • Pam

      Thanks so much for sharing Beth! We appreciate it!

  • Michelle

    Thank you so much for this pre-k pack!!! My 3 boys LOVE pirates. This is perfect for them. Thanks for making this!

  • Oh my goodness! I am dying at how cute this is! I have always wanted to do an “X marks the spot” unit and tie it into pirates. I can’t wait to print these! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  • Shelly Murphy

    Hi, Pam! I am new to your site, and I have been trying to use your pirate pre-k pack, but for some reason, I can’t open the file. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Error message says “The selected document can not be opened.” Any ideas? Thanks so much! Your packs look so cute! Can’t wait to try them!

    • Pam

      Hi Shelly! Welcome to OTBM! I’m not sure what the problem is, I just test the link and file and all seems well for me. I would be more then happy to email the file to you! Just send me an email at contactotbm@gmail.com and I’ll shoot it back to you! Hope you enjoy it! Have a great day!

  • We’ll be using the Pirate Pack this week. I just finished printing the pages. My boys are going to be SUPER excited when they discover our theme for the week. THANKS for sharing this pack!

  • Awesome! I love it.

  • Joanne F

    This looks like a lot of fun!  I downloaded it but cannot open it, it’s asking for a password.  ???

    • overthebigmoon

      Joanne-  I’m sorry you’re having a problem.  I just re-tested the link, as well as had my husband from his office computer and we both didn’t have any problems.  It shouldn’t be asking for a password.  Try downloading it from another web browser.  If you’re still having problems, I can email it to you.  It will be the same file though, but maybe something is happening during the download process.  Let me know!  – Pam

      • Joanne F

        It automatically chooses to open up in Photoshop and asks for a password (isn’t that strange? Never heard of such a thing!).  But I tried pulling it up in Adobe Reader and it works just fine.

        By the way… It’s INSANELY adorable!!!!! My little guy is going to love this!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • L Maze

    Thanks to Pintrest I have come across many of these kinds of packs, but yours are the best and cutest that I have seen. I don’t normally leave comments but yours I had to. Thank you so much for doing all of these packs for our children. You have put a lot of time and energy into these packages. They are very well done! Thanks from one very appreciative Momma.

    • overthebigmoon

      You are so nice L Maze! Thanks for leaving a comment – made my day!

  • Amanda

    Thanks SO much for sharing. Just what I needed. 🙂

  • Ashley

    Thank you for this!! This is amazing! I’m a middle school teacher and have a SpEd student that this would be so great for and as a bonus our school mascot is the pirates. I am so excited to help him learn in my room with these worksheets.

  • Hi Pam,

    I love these Pirate printables. I hope you don’t mind, but I am featuring you on my blog, Blessed Beyond a Doubt next week. I post educational freebies daily.

    Feel free to shoot me an email if you ever have any freebies you would like me to share at blessedbeyondadoubt@gmail.com.


  • Kahlen

    Thank you!!!

  • h slater

    These are great! Thanks so much for the free download!!

  • Nath

    How can i download the file.. Thank you