Summer Reading Chart

Summer is NEAR people!  Are you ready for it?  I’m not!  It is really officially my 1st “summer.” Nathan just completed his first year of preschool.  Spring Break was the longest week of my life… I swear.  So, I have been a bit worried about how summer is going to go.  Nathan is super social and always wanting to go places or play with friends, so I’m afraid he is going to get bored this summer.
Nathan in what he is referring to as his “dance hat!”
Luckily, Nathan’s preschool teacher is doing a Summer Camp in June that he is going to attend.  And, then I think I’ll put him in a soccer skills clinic in July.  But, that is still going to leave us a lot of time.  So, I really wanted to create a good morning routine and learning time.  I am going to be re-doing his Chore Chart and bring in some new stuff that he’ll have to complete in the morning, but then he’ll also have to keep up on his reading.
I am going to take Reading off his Chore Chart and so I asked Lisa to make me a simple little Summer Reading Chart.  By completing his reading every day he’ll earn a reward at the end of the week.  His rewards are things that we would have probably done during the summer anyway, but I liked the idea of having a way for him to earn them.
I put the charts on the side of our fridge, along with Nathan’s current Pre-K Chore Charts.  I did make one for Jeffrey.  It is of course, not as intense.  It will be marked off with our night reading and his rewards are very small and simple.  But, this is a tradition I plan on continuing.  So, I figured I would just get them both started now!
All the downloadable files are in JPG format and you can get them below!  Enjoy!


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