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Superhero Pre-K Pack


Included in this Pre-K Pack is:

Prewriting Practice Sheets – Cutting Practice – Which one is different?

Finish the Pattern Sheet – Size Sequencing Sheet – Superhero Strip Puzzle

4-piece Puzzles – Sorting Practice – Counting Practice Cards

Color the Hulk –  2-Part Vocabulary Cards

Shadow Matching – Letter Ss Identification – Superhero Matching

Captain America Magnet Sheet – Letter Ss Sorting Page

Sorry this is a few days late – we’ve had a crazy week!  My SIL had her Mastectomy this week, so my in-laws are in town and I have our nephew staying with us now.  I’ve found that with summer here and all these things I just haven’t had a chance to be working as much!

My boys are obsessed with everything Superhero right now!  So, this pack is long overdue!  I hope your little ones enjoy it too!

If you are new to Pre-K Packs, click HERE to learn how to use,
prepare and store them!

Pam Dana

I am a wife and mom that is over the moon for family, traditions and fun! I love to share lots of printables, DIY's, kids activities and my families favorite recipes! I am married to my husband, Scott, and we have 3 beautiful children and together they are my world!
  • charity

    My boys are going to go nuts over this! Thank you SO much! I pray your SIL is doing well.

  • amy

    My 4 year old flipped when I showed him this! Download it he told me 🙂
    Thank you so much and God bless!!

  • This pack is so neat. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Oh this is so exciting my lil man is obsessed with Superheros right now. Thanks I love this!

  • Thank You for this! My 5 yr old boy is soooo into Superheros..I keep stepping on pieces in the middle of the night:) Boys will be boys:)

  • Gina

    I don’t even know how i came across your blog.  The force I guess.  Totally bookmarking it!  My son will absolutely love these.  Thanks so much!

  • Loretta

    Where did you get the superhero clip art? This is cute, but I teach third grade!

    • overthebigmoon

      Loretta- I had to go through and compile all the images! I’d be happy to email it to you though (and save you the work), if you want to send me an email at contactotbm@gmail.com!

  • Courtney

    Prepping for the first day of four year old preschool. Thank you sooooo much. Perfect!

  • Kirsty

    Thanks so much for this pack – my 3.5 year old LOVES Hulk, I’m sure he will love to use these pages!

  • Elizabeth

    My 4 yr old loves super heros and hopefully this will get him excited about school

  • I have downloaded, printed and laminated but I don’t know what to do with the Captain America Magnet sheet?

    • Pam

      You can use the magnet sheet w/ magnets or my boys usually use do a dot markers on them!

    • overthebigmoon

      You can use do-a-dot markers or put it on a baking sheet and they place magnets on the dots! My boys generally like to use the do-a-dot marker though!

  • Jeanne Holmes

    This is WONDERFUL! My 3 year old is having so much fun with these. There are some heros and villans I’ve never heard of. Do you have a parental “cheat sheet” so I can tell him their names since some aren’t labeled?

    • overthebigmoon

      Jeanne- I actually don’t have a cheat sheet, but I’ll see if I can compile one in the near future and add it to the post. Great idea!

  • Kim

    I’m not sure why but it won’t download for me.

    • overthebigmoon

      Kim – sorry you’re having problems. Email us at contactotbm@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to email it over to you!

  • Christie

    Thank you so much for all the work you did to put this together! My little guy can’t wait to get started on these!

  • Anika

    The download is not working for me 🙁

    • Pam

      I just tested the link. It worked fine for me. We host all our files on our own independent server, so once you click the link it should just download directly to where your downloads go (usually a “downloads” folder or the desktop). Please check your default downloads folder and then let me know if you are still having problems. Thanks!

  • mommachi

    I have attempted to download these on explorer and firefox to no avail. Is there something I’m doing wrong.

  • erica

    have trouble downloading the file it always stops : (

  • Michelle

    Thanks so much! My boys will love it!

  • Mandy Doolittle

    This is amazing! Thank you so much! My little dudes are going to be ecstatic!

  • Laura

    Thank you so much. I am a preschool teacher and it’s superhero week!

  • Bridget

    Thank you for this. It will be a great motivator for my Pre-K Special Education kiddos!