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Valentine’s for Grandparents

Our Grandparents don’t live close, but we still like to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. I try to find things to send that are fun and meaningful. This year I made a mad lib for my boys to fill out for them.

I added the hearts on the bottom for them to draw some pictures in for their Grandparents. Beckham is a little young for this, but I still wanted him to have something fun to do.  So, I took this cute little saying and made a cute page to stamp his little hands and feet on.

I printed them all out on Card stock and for family night we had a blast filling them out!


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  • Love this! Thanks for sharing – this is what we are sending to Grandma and Grandpa this year!

  • Thanks for much for the printables! They are AWESOME!

  • I Loved doing these with the kids. We made several for family members. It will be price to look back on these in a few years 🙂 I am just starting a blog (2 days ago..lol) I was wondering if I could link this to my post? Not sure yet how it all works, but I want to upload the kids and want to be sure to give the credit 🙂 Thanks again for this printable! I Love it!

  • Dee

    This.is.AWESOME !! Thank you, it is perfect for our out of state grandparents!
    I would love to Pin It but my “Pin It” button isn’t working on this, though.

  • So far the only hand print thing I have is one that they did in a church nursery on mother’s day. Love that! Came back, great card, and a clean kiddo. *grin*

    For a first time finger painting/hand print/foot print… what is the best pain or method to go about? At this point my stash consists of regular watercolor paint and do a dot markers.

  • Lisa

    Hi Margaret,

    I cant speak for what is “best” I usually just go for what is convenient. I have tons of the little craft paint in just abut every color. I usually use that with very strict supervision and wash immediately. It seems to work really well at home but I usually have the take their shirts off when we do it. At a school or church nursery I would definitely use a non toxic water based paint such as this one:


    Hope that helps!

  • Love the Vday Mad Libs letter! I know what the grandparents will be getting! Perfect for practicing handwriting, too!

    Glad I saw our linky at No Time for Flashcards!

  • This is so cute!! I think I’ll let me boys do this for each set of their grandparents…don’t want to leave them out! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Skip to My Lou’s linky party!

  • Holly B

    what a cleverly cute idea! thanks for creating it and making available.

  • Aubrey

    I absolutely ADORE these!!

  • Katie

    using these for valentines day this year for the grandparents. thanks so much!

  • Kimberly

    We are using this for both sets of Grandparents! Thank you for sharing!!

  • I cannot seem to get the pdf files to open up. I want to use these this September for Grandparents Day!!

  • Diana Padilla

    have the links been corrected yet?? – these are awesome and fill me with ideas for the grandparents that live away.

    • Lisa

      Yes! I’m sorry I did not even realize they were bad. They should be all fixed for you though!