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Elf Cookie Station Setup - the backdrop is made with my Cricut Maker! From overthebigmoon.com!

Elf Cookie Station with a Cricut Maker vs Explore Air 2 Comparison

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This fun Elf Cookie Station is a super fun way to serve cookies during the holidays! Full tutorial for making the back drop with your Cricut Maker and what you need for the perfect cookie station setup! This is a super fun way to celebrate your Elf on the Shelf arriving or for the night you watch the movie, Elf! Plus, I’m sharing a breakdown of the  Cricut Maker vs Explore Air 2!

Elf Cookie Station Setup - the backdrop is made with my Cricut Maker! From overthebigmoon.com!

Hey friends! I’m so excited to share this fun Elf Cookie Station with you today! My kids literally freaked when they saw it! The backdrop was so fun to make with my Cricut Maker and now I have it all made and can re-use it year after year!

I’ve had lots of questions


The Cricut Maker Machine and a comparison to the Cricut Explore Air 2! From overthebigmoon.com!

I have two Cricut machines – the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore Air 2. If people ask me which of the two machines they should get, I always answer the Cricut Maker! It just has too many new features that you can’t ignore! It allows you total your crafting game to a whole new level! They then generally ask exactly what the difference is between the machines. So, today I decided to breakdown the two machines and show you why the Cricut Maker is so much better!

Cricut Explore Air 2 Wisteria Bundle at JOANN stores! From overthebigmoon.com!

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is still a great machine! It (and the Explore Air) were my right hand man for years, before the Cricut Maker was released! But, the main difference between the machines it that the Cricut Maker has a new Adaptive Tool System that has a gear tool slot in it. That gear system (look at slot B in the below pic) allows new tools that the Explore Air 2 can’t utilize.

A breakdown and review of the Cricut Maker | www.overthebigmoon.com

Slot B holds all the cutting blades + some additional tools! Check out the chart below to see what tools the Explore Air 2 can utilize and then what ADDITIONAL tools the Maker can utilize!

Adaptive Tools that can be used in the Cricut Maker! From overthebigmoon.com!

So, as you can see there are SO many more tools that work in the Cricut Maker!

Cricut Explore Air 2:

  • Fine-Point Blade
  • Deep-Point Blade

Cricut Maker:

  • Fine-Point Blade
  • Deep-Point Blade
  • Rotary Blade
  • Knife Blade
  • Single Scoring Wheel
  • Double Scoring Wheel

As you can see above, the Cricut Maker has multiple other tools that it can utilize AND because of the adaptive system, will continue getting more! The Maker also has 10x the power, which means it can cut hundreds of more materials

If you want to learn more about the rotary blade, then you can check out this Cricut Maker Review post where I test cut different fabrics! Then a few weeks later I tested out even more fabrics here! I also show you more about it when I made these fun Fabric Bookmarks and Baby Soft Blocks! Cricut Design Space also has TONS of pre-designed sewing projects! That means you can literally choose a project and be cutting the entire pattern out within minutes! All you have to do is prep the fabric mat with the fabric of your choice!

If you want to learn more about the Knife Blade, then check out my Cricut Knife Blade review here! In that post I breakdown exactly what it can cut and how to cut those items! I also use it below to make the Elf Bake Shop sign!! I used the Knife Blade to make this fun Birthday Cake Topper and 4th of July Sign!

The Scoring Blades are AH-MAZING and a newer tool for me! I used it to make all the rosettes below for the Elf Cookie Station! I also used it to make the little boxes for the Back to School Breakfast!

Slot A in both the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore Air 2 is for their pens!

The Cricut Pens - can be used in both the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore Air 2!

Now let’s get onto the Elf Cookie Station tutorial!

DIY Elf Cookie Decorating Setup! Tutorial from overthebigmoon.com!


If you’ve followed my blog at all, you know that one of our favorite parts of the holidays is our Elf on the Shelf, Jasper, coming! My kids literally adore him! I’ve shared LOTS of Elf on the Shelf ideas, printables, activities, etc on the blog! You can find them all HERE! This year I decided it was time to add some more fun Elf ideas to our traditions! We decided that on December 1st, when Jasper arrives, that we’ll celebrate by making him a cookie decorating station! I also think it would be super fun to have your Elf be the one to setup the cookie station. But, I knew my kids would see me working on this project, so I decided to have us make it for him.


DIY Rosette Backdrop Tutorial - This one was made for my Elf Bake Shop Cookie Display! From overthebigmoon.com!

The star of this project is really the fun rosette backdrop! I made this SO easy with my Cricut Maker!

Items needed to create Rosette Backdrop:

Directions to create Rosette Backdrop:

To start, I opened the Layered Rosettes & Felt Banner Design Space File.

Elf Cookie Station - Layered Rosette Design Space File! From overthebigmoon.com!

I have everything marked the colors I used, but feel free to change up the color palette if you’d like. The reason that the shades of the pendant banners are slightly different from the rosettes is because I wanted them to load onto a separate mat. Being that they’re being cut out of Felt, I didn’t want them on the same mat as the rosettes that will be cut out of cardstock.

Once all the changes are made, go ahead and hit ‘MAKE IT’ in the top right hand corner.

Elf Cookie Station - Cricut Design Space Files! From overthebigmoon.com!

Go ahead and review your mats and make sure they look good. Then hit ‘CONTINUE’!

Cricut Design Space from overthebigmoon.com!

Then go ahead and choose your machine from the drop down menu and select the material of your first mat. Mine was cardstock, however I did fine that the cuts were a little sharper when I chose Glitter Cardstock. So, that’s what setting I used. Apply your cardstock onto the LightGrip mat and get your Scoring Wheel & Fine-Point Blade handy! Hit the ‘C’ button on your machine to switch between the scoring wheel and the fine-point blade when prompted.

Cutting Felt from Design Space on the Cricut Maker from overthebigmoon.com!

Watch the order of the mats, you may have jump in there using your Rotary Blade, Fabric Mat and Felt! Make sure that you change the material on Design Space when you change your cutting material. When you select felt, it may show it using the Fine-Point Blade to cut it. You can choose ‘Edit Tools’ on the right hand side of you screen and manually change that to the rotary blade.

Rotary Blade - use it in the Cricut Maker to cut fabrics and more! From overthebigmoon.com!

When those cuts are done, then you’ll need to jump into two other design space files and cut them as well!

Once everything is done cutting, it’s time to start assembling everything! I’m going to be assembling the large rosettes in the tutorial today!

Creating rosettes cut on the Cricut Maker from overthebigmoon.com!

Start by folding all the rosette pieces! The scoring wheel helps SO much, because the score lines are stronger than when you use the scoring stylus. Just another reason to love the Maker!

Once they’re all cut, then you’ll hot glue the ends together to make one long strip! For the Large Layered Rosettes, you’ll glue 6 of the folded pieces together!!

Assembling cardstock rosettes cut with the Cricut Maker! From overthebigmoon.com!

Use hot glue to assemble the cardstock rosettes! From overthebigmoon.com!

Rosette pieces hot glued together to create a rosette backdrop! From overthebigmoon.com!

It’s a little easier to assemble them if you have two sets of hands, but you can do it yourself too! It is a little trick to push everything together and get it in place. Once it’s in a circle, use the hot glue to attach the first circle in the center. DON’T LET GO TOO QUICK! The entire thing will still move and sort of pop open! Be careful turning it over to apply the 2nd back circle!

Create round rosette and hot glue it together! From overthebigmoon.com!

Rosette assembly tutorial from overthebigmoon.com!

DIY Rosettes made with the Cricut Maker! From overthebigmoon.com!


For the felt banner, I just used twine to tie it together! It was super easy!

Felt Banner made with the Cricut Maker! From overthebigmoon.com!


Items needed to create Wooden Elf Bake Shop Sign:

Directions to create Wooden Elf Bake Shop Sign:

Start by opening the Elf Bake Shop Design Space File here.

You’ll notice that the Elf Straw Toppers and Elf Milk Bottles designs are in there too. Just go ahead and hide those layers if you’re not planning on making them. If you do want to make them, then you can see the full tutorial to make them here!

For the Elf Bake Shop Sign, adjust the size of the design if needed. Then go ahead and send the file to cut! Follow the tips and instructions below!

Cricut Knife Blade and Cricut Chipboard - ready to make the Elf Bake Shop sign! From overthebigmoon.com!

To make the sign, you’ll need your Knife Blade and some Chipboard! If you’ve never used Chipboard in the Cricut Maker, then head over to my Chipboard Cake Topper post and review the very detailed step-by-step tutorial! I’m not going to go through each step here today, because it’s basically the same as the tutorial above and the one in the Chipboard Cake Topper! The only difference is that you’ll be cutting a different design space file!

StrongGrip Mat cutting Heavy Chipboard to create a cake topper! From overthebigmoon.com!

After the letters are cut, then take them outside and spray paint them the colors you’d like!

I generally DIY my own signs, but then I saw that Hobby Lobby sells these adorable pre-made signs and I grabbed a few! So, that’s what I used for this sign!

Adhere the letters to the wooden sign using E6000 glue! From overthebigmoon.com!

Wooden Elf Bake Shop Sign from overthebigmoon.com!

I then used E6000 glue to attach the letters to the wood sign! And viola! It was done!

DIY Elf Bake Shop Sign and Rosette Backdrop made with my Cricut Maker! From overthebigmoon.com!

I then arranged my bar cart with the cookie items on the top, drink items on the middle shelf and decorations on the bottom shelf!

Christmas Cookie Station from overtehbigmoon.com!

There are a few other elements that I made with my Cricut Maker – the Elf Straw Toppers and Elf Milk Jars! I’ll be sharing more on that next week!

Christmas Cookies and Milk setup! From overthebigmoon.com!

Cookie Decorating Station - from overthebigmoon.com!Cookie toppings for the cookie station! From overthebigmoon.com!

Milk and Coffee Cart setup! From overthebigmoon.com!

I hope you and your family enjoy this idea as much as my family did! Have a great holiday season!

If you love this fun idea, then make sure and pop over to my Elf on the Shelf Page to see more fun ideas and printables!

15+ Elf on the Shelf Free Printable Sets + tons of Elf on the Shelf ideas! From overthebigmoon.com!


I’d love you to pin this post! TIA!

DIY Elf Cookie Station - detailed tutorial on rosette and sign backdrop! From overthebigmoon.com!

Come learn what machine is best for you! What are the differences? From overthebigmoon.com!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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