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Elf on the Shelf Printable Good Deed Cards

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A few weeks ago I saw this post about the Kindness Elf from Mommy Savers and loved this idea so much! And being that I love sharing Elf on the Shelf Printables, I thought this would be the perfect way to incorporate Good Deeds into our Elf on the Shelf tradition. Today I am sharing these fun Elf on the Shelf Printable Good Deed Cards!

Looking for a way to simplify your Elf on the Shelf? These Elf on the Shelf Printable Good Deed Cards are perfect to help bring the Christmas cheer! From www.overthebigmoon.com!


Download the completed or blank files below with the links. Print on cardstock and have your Elf bring them whenever you are wanting your loved ones to have the opportunity to do a Good Deed! I realize that not all of them will be a perfect fit for you or your family, so feel free to pick and choose through them and only use the ones you want! Then sometime that day help your kids to complete the Good Deed!

I have a variety of different cards to offer. I put some super simple ones and some that take a little bit of time or require a little bit of money! I also am offering a version of blank cards, so that you can create your own if you have some of your own fun ideas!

I think they turned out pretty fun and I’m excited to incorporate this into our Elf tradition this year!

Printable Elf on the Shelf Good Deed Cards - Over the Big Moon

Blank Cards - to be made in Elf on the Shelf Good Dead Cards! From www.overthebigmoon.com!

Enjoy and have a great day!

Elf on the Shelf Printables - these Good Deed Cards are loved by kids each Christmas season! From www.overthebigmoon.com!

If you love this idea, then I’d appreciate it if you pinned the image below, so others can enjoy the printables too!

Not all Elf's are naughty! These Good Deed cards are perfect to have your Elf encourage your littles to do some good deeds! Just download and print the cards! From overthebigmoon.com!


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