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I would love to say that my kids have escaped the entitled attitude that seems to permeate the world, but they haven’t. They want to be able to buy Legos all the time and when we go to Legoland they expect that they can but at least one souvenir. That’s an expensive habit to keep up and honestly I don’t like that going to Legoland and the experience doesn’t seem to be enough. I’ve decided that its time to stop the madness!

So I created Lego money. It is redeemable for anything Lego. They can use it to purchase Legos or anything at Legoland – including the fair type of games that I am tired of saying no to. I printed up a bunch and laminated it so they can ask to do extra chores like baseboards, blinds, washing cabinets, etc. Anything that is a not normal chore around the house to earn Lego money. Then on our next trip to Legoland the only money that will be spent is money they have earned.

I made three money options:

lego money1

lego money2

lego money3

I felt like I needed more ones so that is why there is a sheet of ones only. I am excited and feel a little more empowered to handle the “I wants” next time we head to Legoland or when they beg me for a new set. This money can be used for so many things! Hope you enjoy it. It is for personal use only.

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  • Thank you for making these Lego Bucks! I plan on using them as a reward for helping out around the house. I printed off a sheet and cut them out to show to my husband…He was so excited…he thought it was Lego money to spend at the Lego store!! Maybe I can use them for him as well 😉

  • Hi there! LOVE the LEGO Money. We used “bucks” for our school motivation and rewards system. Next year, we are doing a LEGO theme. I wanted to see if there was anyone you could make the ones set in more of a blackline master so that it doesn’t use so much ink to print, since we will be printing A LOT. So, essentially… no green lego board on the background. Any chance? Email me at ashleybraypage@gmail.com. Thanks fo much for your consideration!

  • Thank you SO much for these! I have been looking for a meaningful reward system for my son, and these are going to be perfect. We’ve been doing a marble jar for a while now, but with these he’ll be even more focused!

  • I have searched the Internet to get some details about legoland since we’re taking our kids there this September. Thank you for the information. It is very helpful and I love the Lego money! I am so gonna use it:) What a great fun learning tool! many of the reviews that I read were negative saying that Disneyland is better and I found myself annoyed at the comparison. My two boys LOVE Legos and we cannot wait to go!!!

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