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Printable Bookmark that Kids can Punch with a hole puncher!

Printable Punchcard Bookmarks

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These Printable Punchcard Bookmarks are the perfect way to help your kids track their reading and help motivate them to learn to love to read! 

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School is in full swing around here! Things have been good, even homework time has been amazing thanks to our new Homework Station! The only item I’m getting any resistance from with my 2nd grader is getting his reading minutes in!  I wanted to help give him some incentive and motivation to do his reading, so I designed these cute Printable Bookmarks with punches on them!



You ultimately can use it however you want, but I have two ways that I am going to try. I initially designed the bookmarks to have 20 spots to punch (or sticker, or mark off, etc)! I designed it that way thinking that it would last for approx one month — that’s spots for them to read 5 of 7 days a week for 4 weeks. If he can read 20 of the 30 (or 31) days a month, then he’ll earn a reward. For example ice cream date, go swimming, $5, etc!

You could also give each punchcard a time value. So, they can punch a spot for every 30 minutes they read. When the bookmark is full, then they earn a reward!

Cut Printable Bookmark with trimmer!


My Nathan is really excited about this new system!  He likes to visually see his progress, plus he really likes having a fun bookmark!  I already know I will be designing some others in the near future!


Printable Bookmark

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You can download the PDF below!  Just print them at home on cardstock and then cut out!  To make it more durable, we did put them through our home laminator. But, if you don’t have one, then don’t stress.  I really think leaving it as plain cardstock will be fine for just the 1 month! If you don’t want to punch your bookmark, then you could also laminate it and then use a marker to mark off the days.

Printable Reading Bookmarks with Punchcard Option! Great way to help motivate your kids to read nightly, with a reward at the end of the month! From www.overthebigmoon.com!


To download the bookmark, click the button below! The download will open in a new tab!

Download Free Printables at overthebigmoon.com!
Printable Bookmark that Kids can Punch with a hole puncher!

Enjoy and happy reading!!

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These Printable Punchcard Bookmarks are the perfect way to help your kids track their reading and help motivate them to learn to love to read! 

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Comments (16)

  • I am a homeschool mom and I would love to use these but I can’t get it to down load. can you send it to me in a PDF. I have used some of your other materials/learning tools and love them. this is the first time I have a had a hard time down loading.

    • It took me awhile to find it too because it is above where it says the link is below. Click on the image between the headings of Punch Card Bookmark and Printable Reading Bookmark. It will open the image and then right click and save a copy.

  • I am having a hard time finding the link to print these bookmarks. I doesn’t show up on my screen anywhere. Could it possibly be emailed to me? I love these and have used them the past two years and no longer have a master copy to make copies of them with. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! 🙂 Thanks!

  • I have been using these the past 2 school years as part of a welcome gift and the link isn’t working anymore. Is there a way you can send me the link for the pdf, please?

  • Do you specify (to your son) how long (minutes) he will need to read to get a “punch”? I’m thinking about using this for my 3rd grader for one punch a book (ex: Junie B.) and she can earn a bigger prize once reaching, say 20 punches. Something like that…

  • Love these! I was wondering if you’d make one for practicing music during the week. So maybe numbered 1-7 for the days of the week. Thanks!

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