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Road Map Inspirational Wall + Free Printables

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I am so excited to share this wall with you. It is part of my new design space and office that I’ll be sharing with you soon. The entire purpose in redoing my office space was to create a room and space where I could feel inspired.

inspirational wall6

My desk is in front of the window and it has space on both sides and I needed something to fill the wall. I saw the quote – Be creative, Be kind, Be inspired, Be you. That became my theme for the room. I wanted the room to be ME! I filled the space with things that were extremely sentimental to me.

inspirational wall5

Pam kind of dubbed it my Road Map Wall, because if someone were to look at this wall they would be able to see all of the places and people that mean the most to me. Most of all this wall represents the steps and stages that have shaped me into who I am.

inspirational wall16

inspirational wall2

I could ramble on forever about each item on the blog, but here is a little insight into some of the things on my wall. Of course my kiddos! The little square picture next to them has a print I created of Romania with the words “Te iubesc” which means I love you. Just a little reminder of the orphans I loved there.

inspirational wall7

I stained a laser wood cutout of the state of California because I will always be a California girl. They even cut a little heart out over Orange County where I am from.

inspirational wall1

I have a picture of me and my hubs and a gold foil picture of the Los Angeles Temple we were married. I found a great Seattle sign which is where I moved after I graduated from BYU and eventually met John.

inspirational wall8

I had always wanted to move to Seattle. My family went there every summer to our cabin on Lake Cavanaugh. The picture on the bottom is the view from our cabin down the lake. The picture on the top was taken from Johns Grandpas home on Lake Washington where John spent many happy summers.

inspirational wall3

The top picture in the frame is of my Mom, Grandma, my brother Brian, and Me at Disneyland on Dumbo when I was a baby. The clock was a gift from my dear friend Karla who I worked with at my first real job out of college.

inspirational wall9

Each item on the wall means so much to me.


The Philippines map is from where my husband lived and served as a missionary for 2 years and we traveled back together for out 10 year anniversary. The surfboard print is for my husbands love of surfing and our mutual love for the beach. I created a National Parks Map because we love them so much, and I spent many happy summers traveling and camping in them as a child.

In the few holes I had left I created printables of quotes that I love and mean a lot to me right now. I figured they will change with time, so instead of framing them I used tape to stick them up. It created a fun look!



The wall kind of wraps around so I placed my magnetic board and also a sheet metal to-do list that I can use with dry erase markers.

inspirational wall12

I found some great and cute budgeting forms on etsy to help me stay organized.

inspirational wall4

inspirational wall10

I had a bunch of thread from my Moms sewing space and I love it. I wanted it out because I love the colors and it makes me want to create!

inspirational wall13

I used magnetic containers to hold all of my small office supplies.

inspirational wall14

Sometimes I just walk in and sit in there because it makes me so happy! I used my Cricut to add my inspirational saying in huge white and gold vinyl letters above the window.


One last tip…before you start putting holes in your wall trace your pictures onto newspaper or something large. Then you can lay it out with painters tape and get it laid out right before you start hammering!


Now for the free printables!

Here are the quotes:





I also have the National Parks Prints you can download.

national parks

I also did a faux wood grain version.


Lastly the Romania Print.


I also shopped at some awesome Etsy stores during this process! Here are the links if you want to check them out.

Cute Budget Printables
Seattle Sign
Gold Foil Temple
Laser Cut California
Philippines Art
Surfboard Print

Be sure to check out the full office reveal:

organized space

Also I created a full pictorial on how to build my 10 foot desk!




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