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Secrets to Keeping a Shared Room Organized

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Our boys room is really small. Like so small my camera could not take pictures of it because it couldn’t fit it any part of the room in the frame (hence the iPhone pictures in this post!) I am not ready to give up my office and our playroom yet and my boys still want to share a room…but it was always messy and so frustrating to find anything! We had to do something! After we did our major declutter I put their room back together from scratch and its been amazing! Here is what I learned about trying to fit 3 boys in 1 very small room:

  • Keep it simple. Everything must have a place!


  • Keep the paint neutral and light. Their room was a really creamy tan color before. I used Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and its the perfect color! I wish my whole house was this color! It’s such a great neutral but its still warm.
  • Stack beds! This is a great way to free up space. Beckham’s toddler mattress is hidden under the bed and we pull it out at night for the time being. Next project build him a roll out bed!


  • Take the closet doors down. This almost makes the room look bigger and opens it up. Plus things got cluttered and stuck in the corners of the closet. We didn’t really see that with the doors on but now its easy to tell if things are on the ground.


  • Drawers, drawers, drawers! Before I had shelf dividers in their closet but their pants and shorts never stayed organized. I moved one of the Expedit bookshelves from their playroom into their room and now they each have 2 bins. One for Jammie’s and one for pants. If you want to learn how to fold jammies in a perfect little packets, check this post out here.


  • I also bought two inserts for the Expedit bookshelves which makes 2 small drawers. They are really small but they are perfect for socks! I also used one drawer for all of their ties.



  • Use drawers for messy things like hats, gloves, sunglasses.


  • I also dedicated a drawer to our out of season sports gear.


Then in the closet I have a spot for the current season.


  • After I wash their uniform I roll it up and place it on their cleats with their shin guards. Saturday is so simple when they need to get ready for games. I keep our church bag and church shoes on the shelf too so Sunday is super easy too.
  • For their daily shoes/sandals I use an over the door hanger and they are all concealed behind the door.
  • The high shelf isn’t very practical for usage but I stored the rest of our out of season cleats and shoes.


  • One of the most important things in any room is to do is to contain the clutter! I gave each boy 1 trophy shelf. It’s the only place they can put their treasures. Everything else has to stay clear!


  • Use dead space. They never really had a place for their belts and use to throw them in their sock drawers but they always got misplaced. I put some cup hooks up in the back of their closet and hung them up. They are out of the way but also easy to find and access.DSC_0184

Now comes the fun part – decorating! I wont be adding a whole lot because I want to keep the simplicity and I had a few things that I put back up already. Stay tuned though I will show you the final product in the next few weeks.

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  • Love the cup hooks for belts. I have 3 in a small, 70’s ranch bedroom as well (8yrs, 2yrs, and 7weeks!). I “color coded” there things. So Oldest is blue, middle is orange, and baby is green. then used bins (from ikea), laminated colored squares, stuck them to the bins with Velcro dots, and then label the bins with their contents. The color tells me whose diapers they are, or whose Pjs. Then I carried the system to our coat closet where I have plastic drawers for shoes and each child has a drawer, and command hooks inside the closet door for so they can hang up their coats and backpacks. Even our 2yr.old can pick up after himself! Been thinking about the bathroom and color coding their towels… ..but it really hasn’t become a problem yet. Great ideas, Thanks!

  • Great post. I have a 6&3 year old that share and is so cluttered with their stuff. These are ideas that I will definitely use. Thank you!!!!

  • Great ideas! I have been fussing with my small room for my boys for a few years now and your post was such an inspiration. Keep up the awesome!

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