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In my last post here on Over The Big Moon you may have caught a glimpse of the inside of our nursery closet and the arrows on the walls. What you may not know about those cute little guys is that they are made with washi tape and were done in just half an hour!

For some time I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do in my closet until I came across a post from Everything Emily about using washi tape to create decals. The ease and versatility of using tape sealed the deal for me.

I decided on arrows since there is sort of an arrow theme in our nursery. 

up close

The pattern you choose can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. The arrows landed somewhere in the middle; not too hard, but it did take a few brain cells to figure it all out.

All I used was an exacto knife and straight edge to get nice crisp lines in my tape, and a level and measuring tape to place the decals in just the right spot.

A word to the wise. Washi tape is slightly see through and any overlap in your tape will be a slightly different color. You can see where the gold overlaps is slightly darker than the rest.

arrow tail

Any overlap I had I made sure my edges were all straight, even underneath the tape, however I have seen others decals that are more free form and they look fabulous. So, it’s really just personal preference.

This was such and EASY project and the options are literally limitless. With all the different colors and sizes of tapes out there, there is no telling what you could come up with! FYI, I got my tape from Office Depot but if you’re looking for online resources check out this list from Apartment Therapy.

full closet

If you’re short on ideas for a design to put on your wall, I’ve put together a list of 20 of my favorite wall decals using tape. Now there’s no reason not to go try it!

washi tape roundup small

1. Lekker Fris: Stripes on Walls

2. The Ruffle House: Wall Play Time

3. Pari Ovea: Pink Chandelier

4. The Proper Pinwheel: Washi Tape Heart

5. Rue Daily: Washi Tape Wall Art

6. Design Indulgences: Washi Taped Door

7. Lekker Fris: Plus of Plusses

8. Craftifair: Origami Birds

9. Mola Mills: Wall Decoration

10. Fresh Bananas: Diamonds are for Life

11. Breathe Happiness: Washi Tape Playhouse

12. Show Home: Tape Houses

13. Bash Please: Gems

14. The Caldwell Project: Washi Tape Arrows

15. Studio Tout Petit: Washi Tape Windows

16. Anne Kelle: Colorful Washi Stripe Wall

17. Everything Emily: Washi Tape Plus Decals

18. Le Jardin de Juliette: Washi Tape City and Car Track

19. Cubicle 57: Washi Tape Christmas Tree

20. Knot Magazine: Tape Snowflakes

Valerie from www.thecaldwellproject.com

The Caldwell Project began as an outlet to share our home remodel with our friends and family, but as a SAHM I was always finding fun things to make or DIY. With all the things I was building and creating, people would tell me that I should share those, so along with our remodel I started sharing all of my creative projects too!As time went by, our remodel showed me how much I love to design and decorate a space, and it grew into a passion for interior design. I am happiest when I have a room at my fingertips and love to help a friend or family member so I can continue to grow, learn, and share.

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