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What Do We Do in the Summertime Jar – Updated for 2013

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Each Summer I create a “What do we do in the Summertime” jar with fun ideas for the boys and I. I started this tradition because I use to feel like the whole summer passed us by before we knew it and before we had done any of the fun things I was planning.

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My goal is that the items on the list are not too hard or too difficult that we don’t get them done. We try to draw three or four a week depending on how involved they are. A few of them are repeats because they were big hits or we didn’t get to them last year. I have included our new list here with links to the ideas if they have a tutorial or printable that goes along with them. I also offer it as a printable so you can print the list off and create your own jar. All you have to do is cut the list into strips and then add them to a jar. You can take the ideas off that don’t fit your family and add in your own ideas.

1. Glow in the dark ring toss

2. Water balloon fight

3. Make glow in the dark slime

4. Nature scavenger hunt

5. Wash the car

6. Splash and Score

7. Build a fort

8. Magazine Coloring

9. Play dough

10. Squirt bottle water fight

11. Make your own board game

12. Jump on the trampoline with ice cubes

13. Flashlight tag

14. Simple Chemistry Experiment: Clean Pennies with Vinegar

15. Make tiny bow and arrows

16. Write a letter to cousins with fun items under 13 oz

17. Water Balloon target practice

18. Backwards Day – Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, eat dessert before lunch

19. Hold a bike wash

20. Sponge Tag

21. Organize a game of Dodge Ball

22. Jelly Bean bracelets

23. Play catch

24. Make watermelon cookies

25. Plan and create a picnic for your stuffed animals

26. Golf tee water gun target practice

27. Make cookies and visit a Grandma in the neighborhood

28. Plan a lemonade stand or bake sale and donate the money to a good cause

29. Ivory Soap experiment

30. Create a Hot Wheels obstacle course

31. Visit the fire station

32. Have a paper airplane contest

33. Freezer Baggie Ice Cream

34. Pick a snack from Moms Cooking for kids Pinterest board to make

35. Pencil top mosaic stamping

36. Excavate toys out of ice

37. Lego Board Game

38. Drive in Movie Night

39. Sumo Wresting

40. Spaghetti and marshmallow creations

I updated my label too and am offering that as a printable too. It comes in 8 different colors.

For even more ideas check out our lists from 2011 and 2012. We cant wait to get started!

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