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FREE Printable Valentines Lunch Box Joke Cards!

Caleb really loved the Elf on the Shelf joke cards that I put in his lunch box. I decided to make a set of them for Valentines Day. One for each Day of February until Valentines Day.

Valenitne Lunch box Joke cards

Just print the page, cut them into individual jokes and place in lunch box. I think I will also use them to put in Davis’ mailbox each day when he gets home from Kindergarten. Its so easy but I know my boys will love it!

Hope you can find some other fun uses for them! Have a great weekend!

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  • Vickie

    Thanks! My grandkids will love these little surprises.

  • Christina

    Was looking for something like this, any way you could make 14 more? I wanted to attach them to my daughters valentines but wanted every kid to each have a different joke. Super cute, thanks!

  • Janey

    Thanks! My son LOVED the Christmas ones you made, so he’ll be really excited to get these in his lunchbox next month. Really appreciate all the cute things you make and share with us….thanks so much!

  • Janey

    I wasn’t able to get the download link to work, it kept timing out. But I just printed the jpeg you posted and it still looks nice. Still, I thought you’d want to know in case there’s something that needs fixing and it’s not just my computer. Oh, and thanks again!

  • Karie

    My grandson is going to love this! Thank you for sharing!

  • Wendy Orme

    Thank you for these…very cute!

  • Natalie

    I am loving those cards and your website!! 😀

  • anonymous