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15 Mens Gift Ideas (from the Mouth of Men)!! You have got to see these fun ideas!!

Hey friends! One of my top Valentine’s Day posts from last year was the gift guide of Valentine’s Gifts for HIM (from the mouths of men)! So, I figured it would be fun to poll a few other guys and put a 2nd edition together – except I’m not calling in V-Day gifts! Cause really […]

Pedicure Gift Idea w/ cute gift tag free printable! From!

So the other day I was feeling all proud of myself, because I am 100% done with Christmas for my family! All the gifts are even wrapped and under the Christmas tree! That in itself is a Christmas miracle guys!! I’m usually the one the day or two before Christmas finally getting around to buying […]

The Joy Maker Challenge

Hey friends! I am so excited to share this amazing experience that my family got to have earlier this week! Last month I was contacted by Hasbro toys to see if I would be interested in helping them spread the word about The Joy Maker Challenge! They also were SOOOO nice and sent us boxes […]

Simple and frugal. Those are the two words that have best described this holiday season for my family so far. They are also the best words to start this tutorial on DIY Twig Christmas Stars. Hi, I’m Rebekah Schwind and I’m one of the contributors here at Over the Big Moon. I also have my […]

The 10 Best Christmas Eve Cookies for Santa!!

Almost everyone has the tradition of leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve! For my family, making the cookies on Christmas Eve is almost as much of a tradition as leaving them out that night! My kids always look forward to making them (along with our Christmas morning Cinnamon Rolls)! This year I thought […]

These Eggnog Waffles with Sweet Cinnamon Whipped Cream Waffles are the perfect Winter breakfast! The eggnog taste is there, but subtle and not overwhelming! And the Sweet Cinnamon Whipped Cream is the perfect topping!

You know the Holidays are truly here when you see Eggnog in the stores! I grew up with a father that LOVES eggnog and so it not only represents all the Holiday traditions for me, but also my dad! My family loves to have special breakfasts to celebrate seasons and holidays and I haven’t really […]

Easy Wooden Snowflakes

Hey guys! Kari here, from Life PreKARIous! I am so excited to show you these super easy wooden snowflakes! I’m a sucker for over sized ornaments, but they’re always so expensive! So, I decided to make my own. I found 2 sizes of craft sticks (a.k.a. popsicle sticks) at the dollar store. The wooden squares […]

Hey friends! Last year I absolutely loved giving out the Redbox Neighbor Gift to all our neighbors! It was affordable, easy and fun! Last years printables have been super popular with my readers as well! So, I wanted to offer a new design this year – something a little classier! I think it turned out so […]

Elf Surveillance Printable and Pillow Tutorial! This is such a fun decoration for the Holiday season to let everyone know that the Elf is around!!

Hey friends, today I am sharing the full tutorial on how to print this free printable on fabric and then create it into a pillow! Elf season is near and it’s my kids most favorite part of the Christmas season – so it only seems appropriate to notify everyone that our house is under Elf Surveillance!  You […]

Rustic Elf Parking Pallet Sign Tutorial - your kids will love this! From!

 Elf season is near friends and it’s one of my kids most favorite part of the Holiday season! I wanted to add some new decor to my front porch and I thought a Rustic Elf Parking Pallet Sign would be super fun!! I started by taking the pallet apart. I wanted to give it a pieced […]

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