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Cricut Hand Tools - Purple

What Cricut Accessories Should I Buy?

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Are you the new owner of a Cricut machine? And now you’re asking yourself What Cricut Accessories Should I Buy? Look no further, because today I am going to break down all the Cricut Accessories and tell you what my Top 10 Cricut Accessories are! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Welcome new Cricut user! I always get SO excited when someone new joins the Cricut community, because they are literally some of the BEST people I have ever met! I’ve had the pleasure to go to the two Cricut Mountain Makeathon’s and teach classes. So, I’ve interacted and met some real life Cricut consumers and they are out of this world amazing! I’m already counting down the days until next years Makeathon!

Cricut Accessoires Group Picture

Before you run out and buy up the entire Cricut section in your local Michaels, JoAnn Store or Hobby Lobby, let me go through all the Cricut Accessories and tell you what my top Cricut Accessories are!

The first thing I want to cover is the different blades that work with the machines!


Cricut Explore Air and Air 2 Blades:

  • Fine Point Blade – This is the housing and blade that come with your machine and the blade that you’ll use for majority of your cutting. You can buy replacement blades for the housing, when you feel the blade has dulled. You’ll know when this happens, because your cuts won’t seem quite as clean! The Fine Point Blade housing is either Silver or Gold.
  • Deep Cut Blade – The deep cut blade is used when you’re wanting to cut thicker materials with your Cricut Explore Air or Air 2. Materials like thin leather or wood. Your machine will prompt you for this blade if you choose a material that requires it within Design Space. When you purchase it, it comes with a Black Housing and blade. You can buy replacement blades for the Deep Cut Blade.
  • Bonded Fabric Blade – The bonded fabric blade is used when you’re wanting to cut fabric with your Cricut Explore Air or Air 2. Before cutting the fabric, you’ll need to stabilize it by using Heat N Bond. If you are going to be cutting fabric on a regular basis, I HIGHLY suggest you upgrade to the Cricut Maker!

All the different Cricut Blades!

All the above blades work on the Cricut Maker + the following additional blades:

  • Rotary Blade – The Rotary Blade comes with the Cricut Maker. You’ll use the rotary blade to cut fabrics! It can literally 100’s of different materials. Check out the video towards the bottom of my Cricut Maker Review post to see some materials that the Maker can cut using the rotary blade! You can also read my post on Everything You Need to Know about the Rotary Blade!
  • Knife Blade – The Knife Blade is used to leather and wood. You may have noticed that I also stated that the Deep Cut Blade can cut leather and wood and that is true. However, the Knife Blade can cut thicker materials and the cuts are a bit cleaner in my opinion. To learn more about the Cricut Knife Blade, check out my post Knife Blade 101!
  • Scoring Wheels – Technically the Scoring Wheels aren’t “blades,” but they are amazing and go in the same part of the Cricut machine! The scoring wheels are an upgrade to the scoring stylus! They go in Clamp B vs Clamp A, because they use the gear system to be able to score more intricate designs, along with being able to have more force applied to the score line!


Cricut Tools are the key to make the process of creating with Vinyl, Iron On and Paper go smooth and easy! Although, they aren’t necessary to create, they really to make the process so much easier! So, I wanted to highlight my favorite tools!

Purple Hand Tools Accessories!

  • True Control Knife – The True Control Knife is honestly my favorite of the bunch. I use it every single time I’m crafting with my Cricut. The grip on the knife is so good and the blade is razor sharp! The blade lock mechanism is awesome too! There is no movement of the blade when using it! Also, Cricut created a hands free blade changing system, so you don’t need to be scared when changing the blade. They sell replacement blades in a 5-pack!
  • Cutting Ruler –  I generally use this 18′ aluminum cutting ruler at the same time that I’m using the True Control Knife! Once you use this ruler, you won’t want to use another one! The stainless steel straightedge allows for perfect clean cuts. It also has a protective guard shield that protects your hands, while giving you something to hold. It also has nonslip base grips on the bottom side that makes it so the ruler will not shift or move while you’re making the cuts.
  • Self-Healing Mat – Not only do I love the look of the Self Healing Mat on my craft table, but I love having a surface that I can cut and weed on and I don’t have to worry about damaging my tabletop! The mat is extra-thick, double sided and SELF HEALING!
  • Rotary Blade – I use this tool anytime that I am working with any type of fabric! The 60mm rotary cutter has a comfortable handle and gives you precise control. It works for both right and left-handed users! It also has a quick-release button that you push when you’re done cutting and ready to have the blade retract!
  • Acrylic Ruler – The Acrylic Ruler goes hand in hand for me when I’m using the rotary blade with the self-healing mat! It makes measuring your cuts super easy! The frosted finish gives you visibility on both light and dark surfaces! Available sizes: 6″x26″ and 3″x18″!

Other tools to consider looking into!

Brayer and Large Tweezers

Cricut Pens

Cricut Mats

There are different mats, for different materials! You can find them all here – Cricut Mats. They have two size options — 12″x12″ or 12″x24″. I suggest having one of each mat, with an extra of the ones you use the most. The most used and popular are probably StandardGrip and LightGrip! I really love purchasing my mats in Variety Packs.

Cricut Mats - Purple, Blue, Pink and Green. All for different materials!


The next thing we need to address is if you’re using a Cricut Explore Air (or Air 2) or a Cricut Maker. The Cricut Maker has some additional cutting capabilities. So, let’s first address the main materials that can be cut with both the Cricut Explore Air (or Air 2) and the Cricut Maker.

Cricut Vinyl:

You’ll cut vinyl when you’re wanting to make stickers, signs, stencils, car decals and more!

Cricut Vinyl

  • Premium Vinyl –  Removable- Removable vinyl is the perfect vinyl to use for MOST projects! It can be applied to almost any surface without leaving residue for up to 2 years! You’ll want to use this type of vinyl for signs, walls, cell phone decals, stickers and more!
  • Premium Vinyl – Permanent- Permanent Vinyl is mainly meant to be used for OUTSIDE projects! It is water-resistant and UV-resistant, and lasts up to three years outside! I do also like to use Permanent Vinyl on tumblers, because they get hand washed pretty consistently!
  • Patterned Vinyl- Patterned Vinyl is considered removable vinyl and a great way to add some extra personality to your project!
  • Stencil Vinyl- Cricut makes a vinyl that is clear with grid marks that’s perfect for cutting stencils! I like to use stencil vinyl when I make signs! That way I’m not wasting all my pretty colors!
  • Adhesive Foil- Adhesive Foil gives a shiny look! It can be more difficult to work with though, so if you’re a beginner I’d hold off on trying this product!
  • Printable Vinyl- It’s pretty self explanatory. You can design something in Design Space and then it can print on this Printable Vinyl and then placed on the Mat to have the design cut out with your Cricut Machine! So fun, right?
  • Other fun vinyls: Chalkboard Vinyl, Dry Erase Vinyl

Vinyl Samplers are a great way to go, when you’re wanting to start building supplies! They have a great Vinyl Sampler set that comes with all 4 Vinyl Samplers!

Cricut Iron On Vinyl:

Iron On is probably my most cut material on my Cricut Maker! I LOVE using Iron On! You’ll cut Iron On when you’re wanting to apply designs to shirts, pillows, bags, hats, onesies, aprons, and even wood!

If you’re new to Iron On, I’d check out this full post on Tips for Using Iron On! I go into full detail about the different types of Iron On and if they can be layered and how!

Cricut Iron On Vinyl Rolls

But, if you’re just looking for a quick overview, then read below!

  • Everyday Iron On– (previously known as Iron On Lite): Most popular. This is great for any type of project and can be layered!
  • SportFlex Iron On- A type of Iron On that has great stretch to it. Use this when working with dry fit materials or any apparel that has a stretch to it.
  • Patterned Iron On-: A fun way to add some personality to Iron On projects! I mainly use it on clothing. Check out this post on How to Use Pattered Iron On for more details and information on this great product!
  • Foil Iron On- A great way to embellish projects! I love using it when making party projects!
  • Holographic Sparkle Iron On- A fun way to add some texture to your projects! I love using this on my daughters shirts and for party projects!
  • Glitter Iron On- The perfect Iron On choice when wanting to add some shimmer and shine to a project!

My favorite way to apply Iron On is using my EasyPress 2. But, you can also use an Iron or HeatPress! But, I 100% of the time use my EasyPress 2! To learn more about the EasyPress 2, check out this post on Everything You Need to Know about the EasyPress 2 and EasyPress 2 Questions Answered!

Cricut Fabrics & Leathers:

Cricut also has a lot of other materials that I love to use! Consider checking them out too!

Cricut Fabric Options

Other materials not mentioned, but totally worth checking out!

Cricut Chipboard

Cricut Iron On Designs:

Iron On Designs are a super fun and easy way to create projects, without having to design them. They also allow for additional texture and layering look that you can’t get yourself. I’ve got more details on How to Apply Iron On Designs here!

Cricut Iron On Designs


Now that I’ve gone through Cricut Consumables and Accessories, it’s time for me to break down my TOP 10 RECOMMENDED CRICUT ACCESSORIES!

  1. Premium Vinyl – I love to label all the things, make signs, decorate items, etc!
  2. Transfer Tape – If you’re going to be working with vinyl, then you’ll for sure need some Standard Transfer Tape on hand!
  3. Iron On Vinyl – Iron on is life changing, you an apply it to SO many materials and there’s so many types! My favorite is Everyday Iron On and SportFlex Iron On! SportFlex is used on any materials with stretch, so I love customizing workout clothes!
  4. EasyPress 2 – If you are going to be creating any type of Iron On projects, the EasyPress 2 is a must have! Check out this post on Everything You Need to Know about the EasyPress 2 to learn more!
  5. True Control Knife – As mentioned above, I use the True Control Knife every single time I creating projects. To trim the Vinyl or Iron On to size, to cut cardstock, etc.
  6. Brayer and Wide Tweezers – I love the Brayer! It really does help applying products to your Mats securely and without bubbles!
  7. Self-Healing Mat – I do majority of my crafting, cutting, glueing etc on the my self healing mat and helps protect my desk from damage.
  8. Extra Mats – If you craft on a regular basis, you’ll want to have extra mats on hand, so that if you’re in the middle of a project they’re handy!
  9. Chipboard – If you have the Cricut Maker, then order yourself some Chipboard! I LOVE IT! I used it to make Cake Toppers, signs, bookmarks and more!
  10. Pens – One of the most under used consumables is the pens! I love them! I have made many projects like this Chore Chart, Personalized Placemats, Gift Tags, Popcorn Holders, Valentines and Learning Printables!


If you leave your machine out on your craft table or next, I suggest getting a cover for it. It helps protect your machine from dust. Check out this tutorial for a DIY Dust Cover that you can make with a Cricut Maker (and sewing machine of course)!

Cricut Machine Tote and Cricut Rolling Craft Tote:

If you store your machine away when you’re not using it, then I suggest getting the Cricut Totes. They’re heavy duty and will really protect your machine from getting damaged or dusty!

The Cricut Machine Tote is what you’d purchase to store your machine in. All Cricut machines fit in it! They do have a few color options too!

The Cricut Rolling Craft Tote is perfect to store supplies in! I love using it to take supplies when I’m going away for a craft night!


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Make sure to pin this post for later too! Thanks so much friends! Have a great day!

Are you the new owner of a Cricut machine? And now you're asking yourself What Cricut Accessories Should I Buy? Look no further, because today I am going to break down all the Cricut Accessories and tell you what my Top 10 Cricut Accessories are! From overthebigmoon.com!


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