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Free Printable Minecraft Valentines

Like most young boys, mine can not get enough of Minecraft! I decided to create Valentines this year in honor of the game that successfully succeeded in making me motion sick! Am I the only Mom who has a hard time when their kids want  to show them something on Minecraft? I can ride rollercoasters all day long and read in the car, but Minecraft makes me  dizzy!

minecraft button I have both the Valentine cards and also Creeper candy wrappers for download. They are super easy to assemble. All you need is to print them, cut them, and have your kiddo sign them.


For the creepers I used a Hershey mini bar and the wrappers fit around them perfectly.


Then seal it with a little piece of tape on the opposite side.


Instant creepers!


I used double stick tape to put the candy onto the card.


Caleb is getting a little older so this whole Valentines thing is starting to get a little uncomfortable. But with these he is super exited which makes this Mom very happy!

These are for personal use only and can not be sold or reproduced in any way. You can download them here:

We also have a whole other set in pink with different saying!

Pink minecraft buttonCheck them out here!

You can check out our other free printable Valentines herehere,  and here



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  • Kristin

    Thank you so much for sharing!! My 7 year old is so excited to bring these to school next week! Thank you for a fun craft to do with him!!

  • Emily

    Thanks for the free pintable’s! My son is thrilled!

  • JK

    Thank you so, so, so much! You have helped our budget and our two boys! They can’t wait to share these with their friends.

  • kg

    Aaaah! I LOVE the mini candy bar wrapper idea, and how perfectly they stick to little Valentine cards!! Whyyyy have I not thought of that all these years? My Minecraft kiddo is going to love this – thanks!

  • Sweet ‘n Savvy

    I wanted to say thank you for the Valentine’s cards. My daughter just loves them. She’s totally all girl, but loves her some MineCraft. She even made an Enderman Valentine’s Day box.

  • Lexy

    Thank you! My daughter is going to love helping me with these.

  • m&cmomma

    I made Avery labels with the creeper face to fit Hershey nuggets. I accidentally bought those instead if miniatures:-( I tried to attach the file, but it won’t work.

  • LB

    Can’t thank you enough!

  • Peace75

    Making these with my 2nd grader, he is very excited about it. Thanks so much!

  • Kim

    Thank you so much! I always want to do DIY Valentines, but generally feel too busy/overwhelmed — well, not this year! Love these — their creativity & simplicity — thank you from a grateful mama of 3 Minecraft lovin’ kids 🙂

  • beastlet

    Thank you so much! I am the least crafty person ever but these were so easy. My 6yo is thrilled with them and even my un-crafty self was able to make these.

    • Lisa

      Awesome! I am so glad they worked out for you!

  • Kim

    We stay away from the generic store bought Valentines. My son is going to be stoked when he sees these!! Creative, I appriciate you sharing this.

  • Tamara

    My kids LOVE these! thanks SO much for sharing!!

  • Deborah

    This was perfect. Thank you for sharing

  • JellyB

    Many thanks – saved my bacon.

  • Pam Hayes

    This was great! Thank you so much. This was so easy and fast. I am the apple of my son’s eye now. I am with you on the motion thing on Mind Craft!!

  • Lisa

    Thank you for sharing this! You sure saved my bacon this year — they were perfect for my son who wasnt feeling very enthusiastic about giving out valentines before we saw these. You are awesome!

  • Amy Deruyscher Henderson

    I am looking to cover regular size Hershey bars as Minecraft bingo prizes for my sons 8th birthday party and this pattern would be great!!! is it possible to print them larger to fit? I’m not very tech savvy 🙁 thanks in advance for you help 🙂

    • Lisa

      You can take it to a copy store and have them blow them up.

  • Gronti

    This was a perfect solution for my boy’s wish. He even chose the pink creeper, so thanks for that option!