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Fudge and Mint Brownies - a beyond tasty mint dessert that is the perfect treat for St. Patrick's Day! From!

Happy Friday friends! March is one of those months that can get a little boring if you let it! You’re waiting for the weather to really warm up, for Easter to come, for the end of the school year to get closer!! St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be super crazy, but there are a […]

St. Patrick's Day Sugar Cookie Bars - the perfect treat for St. Patrick's Day! Recipe at!

Hi! I’m Alli from Cupcake Diaries and I’m thrilled to be here participating in this fun St. Patrick’s Day series. Coming from an Irish family, I’m all about celebrating this holiday and making it fun for my kids. I love sharing delicious treats on my blog. Sugar cookie bars are one of my favorites! I […]

15 Tasty Cadbury Egg Treats - these treats are going to take your love for Cadbury Eggs to a whole new level! These look so tasty! From!

The blessed Spring season is near and my husband is always in such a great mood…. and do you want to know why? Cause Cadbury Eggs reappear in the stores!! And it is probably his 2nd favorite treat in the whole world (next to a good ol’ Chocolate Chip Cookie)! I’ve never really baked using Cadbury Eggs, […]

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie Shots - this fun treat is so fun, beyond tasty and your kids will love it!!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays – it’s up there with the 4th of July and Christmas! My kids have already been asking about what we are going to do to celebrate this year! Over the Christmas holiday we made some Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots and the kids LOVED it! So, I thought […]

  These cupcakes are going to be your NEW favorite. The richness of the chocolate mixed with the frosting will have you coming back to the kitchen every hour for another one! I make them EVERY Christmas and they disappear within a matter of hours. They are JUST.THAT.GOOD. They make great neighbor/teacher gifts too! The […]

The 10 Best Christmas Eve Cookies for Santa!!

Almost everyone has the tradition of leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve! For my family, making the cookies on Christmas Eve is almost as much of a tradition as leaving them out that night! My kids always look forward to making them (along with our Christmas morning Cinnamon Rolls)! This year I thought […]

  This is a treat we enjoy year around in our house – Frosted Cream Cheese Banana Bars!  Anytime I have some bananas going bad then these get made.  In fact I swear my kids purposely don’t eat our bananas so that I will make these!  They’re that yummy!    Start by mashing up the […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Puffs - the perfect light Fall dessert that melts in your mouth! From

I am getting excited for Fall you guys!  I was chatting with a friend about how ready I am for the cooler weather and all the fun Fall traditions we do each year and somehow (shocker!) it transitioned into our favorite Fall desserts!  I couldn’t help but go to the store later that day for some […]

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These Lemon Bars are the best. It is the crust that really makes them amazing. It is soft and buttery and with the tartness of the lemon it is perfect. This recipe comes from the Lionhouse Entertaining cookbook and I promise it will not disappoint.   Crust: 1 ¼ c butter 2 ¼ c flour […]

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